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About Families First of Washington

Families First is a non-profit organization located in south King County in the State of Washington. It is located in unincorporated King County in an area where Seattle, Tukwila and Renton all come together (Map & Directions).

Our Facility is 4,800 square feet and is set up in a very unique way to provide the best services to individuals and Families. We have one LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM, a middle sized meeting room, and five additional offices with multiple uses.

Families First works for individuals and Families in turmoil related to Family Law or Family Violence issues. Our number one goal is to look out for the best interests of the Family and the individuals who make up that Family.

We recognize that Families have many parts. We reach out to Families and to those parts in many different ways:


For over a decade, we have worked with families when they contact us requesting assistance on Family Law or Family Violence related issues. That assistance over the years has included listening, and in a simplistic description, triaging their current situation and helping them through their individual or family needs and/or referring them to other professionals that they might need.

Families First has and will continue to assist Families:

  • To minimize the trauma of divorce, especially on children
  • To mend Families that are pondering divorce or separation
  • To assist Families already heading down the path of divorce
  • To bring Parents and Children back in contact with each other
  • To assist individuals and Families dealing with violence whether that violence is real or whether they are false allegations of violence.

One of the lessons Families First has learned over the years is that there are many Families that hurt more than what is necessary while working through issues related to Family Violence or Family Law. Whether those be from individuals and Families going through the process alone or because of the systems we as a society have put together which are often difficult to navigate and not always friendly to all parts of the Family.

Families First does not attempt to provide every service that Families might need. There are many quality organizations already working with Families and we collaborate with many of those organizations in our community.

Families First relies on the volunteers that want to reach out and help Families in need. Not all, but many of the volunteers at Families First have traversed some of the same rocky roads that individuals and Families currently find themselves.

We are very proud of the services that we provide to individuals and Families. We are made up of professionals from all walks of life - Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Real Estate, Electricians, Stay at Home Parents, Elected Officials and people like YOU!

Please check out the Calendar of Events and see what's happening.

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