Win Custody, Change Custody, and Reduce Child Support with OPTIMAL
Win Or Change Child Custody With OPTIMAL!

If you want to win or change custody, you need OPTIMAL. Only OPTIMAL gives you the proof you've got to have to win in court. And OPTIMAL is accepted by all U.S. family courts, in every State.

OPTIMAL is endorsed by parenting groups and family therapists.
Why? Because it works. OPTIMAL is the only program specifically designed to be used in custody disputes. [see our endorsements]

Are you being denied visitation? Is your ex interfering with your parenting time?
Put a stop to interference and get the parenting time you're entitled to! Using OPTIMAL puts them on notice that their compliance with the custody plan is being tracked, and that you may present these records to the court.

Going into court without proof is a complete waste of your time and money.
Even worse, every court appearance where you don't win stacks the deck against you! But with OPTIMAL you'll have the proof you need to win or change custody.

The judge doesn't want to hear "he said, she said" stories- they hear plenty of that every day! But hold up one of the detailed full-color graphs that OPTIMAL produces and you won't have to say a word- the judge can see what's going on with his own eyes! [see sample printouts]

OPTIMAL's time-stamped records stand up in court for you, leaving the other attorney with no room to argue! It's all there in black and white (or color!) for the judge to see.

OPTIMAL tracks everything you need to win in court!
Track parenting time, expenses, phone calls, mileage, doctor's visits, late arrivals, denied visitation, and more. OPTIMAL even tracks the children's moods! [see what OPTIMAL tracks.]

Without OPTIMAL:

Judge: "How much time were you denied?"

You: "Ummm, well there was a day in July, and two days, no, wait, it was three days in August, hmmm, and also I think in September...."


Some of the graphs OPTIMAL gives you Judge: "How much time were you denied?"

You: (Holding up the OPTIMAL Denied Time graph) "I've been denied a total of 21 and one-half days, your Honor, which is 34% of my parenting time- over a third! That's over 500 hours that I didn't get to see my children."

"The denied days are shown here on the chart in June, July, August, September, and October. On the days I was able to see my kids, they were almost a dozen times that they dropped off to me more than 30 minutes late."

(Holding up the OPTIMAL Mileage graph) "Plus, my mileage log shows that I drove over 1250 miles back and forth to visits where I couldn't see my children, your Honor. The gas alone was over $90- there's the mileage record both ways."

See the difference? OPTIMAL gives you the information you need to bring before the judge. Not just estimates, but the exact numbers. And can certify that the data you entered matches the time-stamps shown on the printouts.

OPTIMAL is not a 'toy'- this is serious software for child custody cases.
If you aren't serious about winning your child custody case, please don't buy our software.

Want to test drive it?
You can see a working account right here.

Fully Guaranteed!
OPTIMAL comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Don't go to court without us!
Order OPTIMAL today and take control of your custody case.

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