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Objective: To provide a private, intimate atmosphere where people can feel comfortable speaking to a counselor or mediator.

  1. Counseling - Provide a starting point for individuals and families to work through their current situation they find themselves in. Our clients will find themselves better able to address the other issues of a family law or family violence matter when they look to take care of themselves and their Families first. There are three comfortable sitting areas with soft lighting and a stone fireplace to accent the room (no fire has ever been lit; it is just for aesthetic purposes).

  2. Mediation - The founder of Families First is a trained Mediator in the State of Washington. Families First has been providing free Mediation Services for approximately six years to low and moderately-income Families. Families First has access to other trained mediators who have agreed to offer their services at a pre-negotiated rate to our clients.

If you or someone you know has the need for space for any of the above functions or anything else the room can accommodate please contact us about making a reservation.

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