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Supervised Parenting Services Information

Objective: To promote positive interaction between parent and child that otherwise would not have occurred because of the high cost of supervised parenting that is available. Families First follows the National Supervised Visitation Network Guidelines.

  1. Safety - Mom's House / Dad's House, depending on which parent is spending time with the children, is uniquely and perfectly set up for a safe and non-confrontational exchange. The room has separate exits and separate parking areas which ensures that the drop-off parent and the parent accessing the child(ren) do not see or hear each other. The room has two video security cameras inside the room and one video security camera outside the room (there are also six additional video security cameras on site). There is always a second person, other then the supervisor, on site whenever a session is taking place.

  2. Atmosphere - The room is set up as one room suite with sectional couch, television, coffee table, bookshelf, computer desk with computer, tile countertop for eating, and is microwave accessible if safe and requested. There are toys, videogames, stuffed animals, and color books available to accommodate boys and girls of all ages.

If you or someone you know has the need for space for any of the above functions or anything else the room can accommodate please contact us about making a reservation.

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